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The PosiTector UTG can record measurements for on-screen statistical purposes, for printing to an optional Bluetooth wireless printer (Advanced models only), for transferring to a computer or synchronizing with Readings are time-stamped as they are taken.

Memory Capacity

Standard models:  250 readings in one group
Advanced models: 100,000 measurements in up to 1000 batches and sub-batches

USB Mass Storage

The PosiTector UTG uses a USB mass storage device class which provides a simple interface to retrieve data in a manner similar to USB flash drives, cameras, or digital audio players.



Any computer can view and download measurements stored in memory (in batches) by navigating a virtual drive labeled PosiTector using the included USB cable.

A formatted HTML report is viewed by selecting the “index.html” file found in the root directory. Additionally, delimited text files (.txt) are located in each batch folder for easy import into database, spreadsheet and other compatible applications.

Sample HTML formatted report



Screen Capture

Users can capture and save an image copy of the current gage display by simultaneously pressing both the PosiTector's (-) and (+) buttons. The last 10 screen captures are stored in memory and can be accessed via USB Mass Storage.


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