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Shore Hardness Durometer


   A variety of accessories and replacement sponges to help you get the most out of your PosiTest LPD.


PosiTest LPD Accessory Pack
Order Code: LPDACCPK

Includes adaptable sponge hardware and accessories to convert the PosiTest LPD Basic Kit into a PosiTest LPD Complete Kit.

Adaptable Sponge Hardware

  • Roller
  • Internal Diameter
  • 20 cm x 20 cm (8" x 8") sheet sponge for custom usages
  • Wetting agent

  Extension Accessories

  • Extension rods provide an additional 0.6 m (2') of reach
  • Universal adapters to extend existing paint rollers and poles
  • 12 m (40') ground wire
  • Magnetic grounding post
  Replacement Sponges

  Rectangle Sponges (3 pack) — for use with rectangle sponge hardware


  Roller Sponges (12 pack) — for use with roller sponge hardware


  Sheet Sponges (3 pack) — for cutting custom shapes; 20 cm x 20 cm (8" x 8")



Extension Rod

Extend the PosiTest LPD base rod an additional 0.3 m (1')

  • Includes (1) extension rod

Note: Multiple extension rods can be connected together to further extend reach.

Wetting Agent
Order Code: LPDWET

  • Includes (1) 60mL bottle

Why use a wetting agent?
Sometimes pinholes are so miniscule that water has difficulty reaching the conductive substrate underneath, especially on thicker coatings when the water must penetrate further into a pinhole to reach the substrate. In these instances, inspectors will use a surfactant (wetting agent) to lower the surface tension of the water, allowing the solution to better penetrate the pinhole.


PosiTest LPD Verifier

Note: To verify voltage, a calibrated multimeter (not included) is required.


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