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PosiTest  AT Verifier - Adhesion Tester Accuracy Verification Kit

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Q. – What is the purpose of the PosiTest AT Verifier?
A. – The PosiTest AT Verifier is used to check the accuracy and operation of all PosiTest Adhesion Testers and is an important component in fulfilling both ISO and in-house quality control requirements. Contracts often specify that adhesion tests be performed with instruments that have measurement accuracy traceable to a National Metrology Institute such as NIST.

Q. – Are there different models of PosiTest AT Verifier to choose from?
A. – No, there is only one model. The PosiTest AT Verifier is ready to use with all models of PosiTest
Adhesion Testers. The Verifier includes a permanent steel PosiTest style 20mm loading fixture
(dolly) and reports measurement values in psi (pounds per square inch) only.

Q. – Can the PosiTest AT Verifier be used with other manufacturers’ adhesion testers?
A. – No, not without user modifications to the loading fixture (dolly) and test points.

Q. – What is the recommended Calibration Interval for the PosiTest AT Verifier itself?
A. – We recommend customers begin their calibration intervals based on the recalibration date printed on
the Certificates of Calibration for the load cell and smart sensor indicator.



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