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Our highly trained technical support team is dedicated to solving problems quickly. During regular business hours (8am-5pm EST), all telephone calls are answered directly by a qualified team member. You are immediately directed to someone who can assist you.

Contact our technical department for all questions including application assistance, instrument technical support, quality, calibration and more.

Please contact us at +1-315-393-4450 or fill out our Technical Support Request Form:
Our experienced technical support staff will contact you within 24 hours, or on the next regular business day, following a weekend or holiday.
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Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm EST
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Service & Calibration

Our Service department's goal is to provide the fastest turnaround for recalibration and repair in the industry. As soon as your instrument is received at our facility, you will be notified by email. The majority of instruments are repaired and/or recalibrated and ready for return shipment within one day of receipt.

A Certificate of Calibration (N.I.S.T. or PTB traceable) is included with all repaired and calibrated instruments at no additional cost ($95 - $145 value).

To ensure the fastest possible service, login to PosiTrack and select Start a Recertification or Repair. Alternatively, fill out the Service Form and include it with your shipment. There is no need to call for a return authorization or RMA.
Before returning your gage for service try our quick troubleshooting steps. If problem persists contact our technical support for further assistance.

Note: When returning the PosiTest HHD for service or repair, DO NOT include any batteries.
To ensure fastest service, use PosiTrack for your instrument return.
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Start a Recertification or Repair


PosiTrack is an online portal offering free gage management tools to print Certificates of Calibration, set email calibration reminders and access service forms. The interface displays a list of equipment with serial numbers alongside calibration and in service dates, greatly simplifying recalibration and management of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments.

Print Replacement Certificates of Calibration
Certificates generated by DeFelsko after December 4, 2016 are available in this system and can be accessed using the instrument's serial number.

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Print Service Forms for Recalibration and Repair
After an instrument and address are added to the system, the downloadable service form automatically populates instrument and user details. Simply print the form and include it with instruments shipped to DeFelsko for recalibration and repair.

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Set Email Calibration Reminders
For users with fixed calibration requirements, reminder emails make compliance easy. Once set, an email will be sent two weeks before the calibration interval expires.

Login to PosiTrack


Can't find what you're looking for? Fill out our Technical Support Request Form or call us at +1-315-393-4450.

Servicing Your Instrument


Where do I send my instrument for repair or recertification?

To ensure the fastest possible service, login to PosiTrack and select Start a Recertification or Repair. Alternatively, fill out the Service Form and include it with your shipment. There is no need to call for a return authorization or RMA.

DeFelsko Corporation
Attn: Service Department
800 Proctor Avenue
Ogdensburg, NY 13669 USA  

How long will the repair process take?

Our Service department's goal is to evaluate your instrument and contact you within one (1) day of our receiving the gage in for service or calibration. All parts are available on-site which gives us the ability to service gages quickly and ship most gages within one day anywhere in the world. Ironically the only thing that usually slows down this process is waiting for response once the evaluation has been sent.


Is an RMA required before sending an instrument to DeFelsko for repair?

There is no need to call for a return authorization or RMA.

Simply login to PosiTrack and select Start a Recertification or Repair. Alternatively, fill out the Service Form and include it with your shipment.

Recalibrating Your Instrument


What is calibration?

Calibration is the high-level, controlled and documented process of measuring traceable calibration standards over the full operating range of the instrument or probe, and verifying that the results are within the stated accuracy. Calibrations are performed by the manufacturer, their authorized agent, or by an accredited calibration laboratory in a controlled environment using a documented process.


Do I require a Certificate of Calibration?

Long Form (full data) Certificates are valuable documents usually required by companies who are compliant to international standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 17025. If you need documentation that the instrument has been tested prior to shipment, it is provided by this Certificate.


What are the recommended calibration intervals for DeFelsko inspection instruments?

DeFelsko does not provide or suggest expiration dates. Time intervals for recertification are determined by the customer. While many companies send their gages in for annual certification, the frequency should be based on your customer's internal quality guidelines and policy. Four primary factors that should influence the interval decision are:

1. How frequently the gage is being used

2. The physical condition of the gage

3. The application being measured

4. The environment, storage and handling practices

DeFelsko recommends customers establish calibration intervals based upon their own experience and work environment. A gage used frequently, roughly, or over abrasive surfaces may require a shorter certification interval than a gage used less frequently and handled with care. Based on our product knowledge, data and customer feedback, a one year certification interval from either the date of calibration, date of purchase, or date of receipt is a typical starting point.


What is the cost of recertification and how long does it take?

Recertification cost varies by product type; between $95 and $145.

Turn around time for recertification is (1) day for all instruments with the exception of PosiTector DPM dew point meters which can take up to (5) days.


Why does the serial number on my gage differ from that listed on its Calibration Certificate?

All measurement electronics and functionality reside in the probe. This feature allows for complete interchangeability between gage bodies and probes. The probe is the true instrument inspected and certified by our calibration lab.

For companies with a single PosiTector body and probe, we recommend to use the probe serial number for both as it is by far the most critical. Then the unit can be treated as one instrument with full traceability through the serial number engraved on the probe.


Can I verify instrument accuracy myself?

Yes. Purchase a set of Verification Standards and verify gage calibration at your own convenience using our written Calibration Procedures. This is cost-effective for customers who have numerous gages or require frequent verification.


Can DeFelsko Certified Coating Thickness Standards be recertified?

It is more economical to trade-in Standards for a new set. Trade-in reduces the price of new Standards by 20%. Certified Standards should be replaced whenever they become visibly worn or scratched.

Update Your Instrument

For full instruction on how to update your instrument, click on one of the options below.