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Complete solutions for measuring powder coatings before and after cure.

Each Powder Inspection Kit contains:

  • PosiTector Advanced Gage Body
  • PosiTector PC non-contact uncured powder thickness probe
  • PosiTector 6000 coating thickness probe — select from a variety of measurement ranges and probe styles
  • 2 DeFelsko Powder Combs (models 1 & 4) with measuring ranges of 3 to 12 mils and 75 to 300 μm

Custom Inspection Kits

  • Select from 4 pre-configured kits or build your own
  • Build your own Powder Inspection Kit from a selection of probes to suit your needs
  • PosiTector PC accepts all PosiTector probes easily converting from measuring uncured powder to cured dry film thickness, surface profile, and more.

DeFelsko Powder Comb (included)

  • This simple. easy-to-use gage measures the thickness (height or depth) of applied dry coating powders in the pre-cured, pre-gelled state.

Kits come complete with

  • Advanced gage body
  • uncured powder thickness probe
  • coating thickness probe (user selected)
  • precision plastic shims
  • protective rubber holster with belt clip
  • wrist strap
  • carbineer
  • 3 AAA batteries (gage body)
  • 3 AA batteries (probe)
  • Probe connector cover
  • replacement probe screen
  • probe zeroing fixture
  • 3 instruction manuals
  • instructional video
  • hard shell case
  • protective lens shield
  • Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable
    to NIST (6000 probe only)
  • USB cable and two (2) year warranty on gage body and probes.

Case Size
30 cm (l) x 25 cm (w) x 10 cm (d)
12” (l) x 10” (w) x 4” (d)

1.3 kg (2.8 lbs.)



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