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Coating Thickness Gages, Gauges for metal and non-metal substrates

   COATING THICKNESS GAGES for all substrates - metal, wood, concrete, plastic & more...

  • PosiTector 6000

  • Simple, durable and accurate electronic gage. Measures coating thickness on all metal substrates.
  • PosiTest DFT

  • Economical Coating Thickness Gage measures coatings on all metal substrates.
  • PosiTest F/FM/G/GM

    Simple, rugged mechanical dial- type gage. Measures coating thickness on ferrous (steel) substrates.
  • PosiPen

    Mechanical pen-type gage. Measures coating thickness on small, hot or hard-to-reach ferrous (steel) substrates.
  • PosiTector 200

  • Easy to use, affordable gage for non-destructive measurement of single or multiple layer coating thickness over wood, concrete, plastics, composites and more.
  • PosiTector PC

  • The PosiTector PC measures uncured powder coatings using ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate and display a predicted cured thickness.
  • Powder Comb

    Check Powder thickness before curing to help insure correct cured film thickness the first time through the line.

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