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Calibration Procedures

Calibration is the high-level, controlled and documented process of obtaining measurements on traceable calibration standards over the full operating range of the gage, then making the necessary gage adjustments (as required) to correct any out-of-tolerance conditions. Calibration is performed by the equipment manufacturer, their authorized agent, or by an accredited calibration laboratory in a controlled environment using a documented process. The outcome of the calibration process is to restore/realign the gage to meet/exceed the manufacturer’s stated accuracy.

User specific calibration intervals should be established based upon experience, frequency of use, handling practices and measuring environment. The following are the current Calibration Procedures used to certify DeFelsko gages.

PosiTector 6000 

PosiTest DFT

Models  F, FS, FXS Xtreme™, FRS, SPFS


Models F0S, F45S, F90S




Models F, FM, G, GM

Model FHXS Xtreme™


Model FHS

All Models

Model FLS  

Models N, NS, NRS

PosiTector 100 (5 Button)

Models NA, NAS

100 B

Models N0S, N45S, N90S

100 C

Models FN, FNS, FNRS

100 D
Model FNGS  

Models NHS, EOC

PosiTector UTG

PosiTector 200 (3 Button)

Models UTG-C, UTG-M
PosiTector SPG
PosiTector 200 (2 Button)
PosiTector RTR
PosiTest Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

Digital Models

Analog Models
PosiTector DPM Certified Plastic Shims

PosiTector DPM (integral surface temperature sensor)
PosiTector DPMS (cabled K-Type surface temperature sensor)

STDCSS Certified Plastic Shims
Certified Polystyrene Blocks Certified Coated Metal Plates
STD-P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8 STD-S1, S2, S3, A1, A2, A3
Certified SPG Standards Certified PosiTector RTR Shim Set




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