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New! PosiTector SmartLink Wirelessly connect PosiTector probes to your smart device
PosiTector Inspection Kits (Surface Profile, Environment and Coating Thickness solution in convenient hard shell carrying case)
Coating Thickness Gages (PosiTector 6000, PosiTector 200, PosiTector PC Powder Checker, PosiTest DFT, PosiTest, PosiPen)
      Surface Profile Gages PosiTector SPG Surface Profile Gage PosiTector RTR Replica Tape Reader
Dew Point Meter Environmental Conditions (PosiTector DPM dew point meter)
Wall Thickness Gages (PosiTector UTG ultrasonic thickness gage)
Adhesion Tester (PosiTest AT digital pull-off adhesion tester)
PosiTest AIR Leak Tester (detect air and water leaks in building envelopes and rigid air barrier systems)

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