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Measuring Surface Profile Parameters
using the PosiTector RTR and Replica Tape

Testex Press-O-Film™ replica tape consists of a layer of compressible foam affixed to an incompressible polyester film of highly uniform thickness. When pressed against a roughened steel surface, the foam forms an impression, or reverse replica, of the surface.

Placing the compressed tape (replica) between the anvils of the PosiTector RTR provides surface profile parameters.

PosiTector RTR-H models measure peak-to-valley surface profile height (HL).

PosiTector RTR-P models also measure peak density (Pd). Advanced RTR-P models generate 2D/3D images and SDF Surface Data Files.


PosiTector RTR-H

Measures peak height (HL) by placing the compressed replica tape between the anvils. The 2 mil (50.8 micron incompressible film is automatically subtracted and the peak height measurement is displayed.


PosiTector RTR-P

In addition to measuring peak height (HL) , the PosiTector RTR-P provides areal peak density (Pd) - the number of peaks per unit area.

The RTR-P incorporates a digital camera and light source. Light is passed through the replica tape and imaged by the camera.

Peak counts can be determined by simply counting bright spots on the photograph as taken by the PosiTector RTR's digital image sensor (camera). 

The intensity of light that passes through the replica tape is inversely proportional to the thickness of the compressed foam. The below photograph of a back-lit piece of replica tape reveals light areas of higher compression (peaks) and dark areas of lower compression (valleys). 

2D image derived from replica tape Digitally counting bright spots or peaks


PosiTector RTR-P Advanced models can save high resolution SDF surface data files. These files can be imported into third-party image rendering/analysis software. See Surface Data File (SDF) & 3D Surface Mapping for an overview.


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