PosiTector On-Gage Help REference

information icon

These downloadable PDF Reference files are a compilation of the On-Gage Help that is available on your PosiTector gage (S/N 864000+). To view these help items on the gage, enter the menu and touch the info icon or press the plus button with the desired menu item selected.

Update your gage to ensure your PosiTector includes these latest help references. Instructions are available at www.defelsko.com/updates.

Update your PosiTector Gage Body
Image of PosiTector gage body, showing a larger version of the help icon with a callout pointing to four screenshots of different language options. Text reads "available in multiple languages".

On-Gage Help PDF Generator

Follow the steps below to generate a PDF copy of the on-gage help for your instrument. Select your PosiTector body, probe type, and language, then press the Get PDF button.

Step 1: Select your PosiTector body