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1. Prepare the test surface
2. Burnish the Testex™ Press-O-Film™ replica tape
3. Prepare the PosiTector RTR
4. Measure


Prepare the test surface

Locate a representative site for measurement. Clean the surface to be tested.

DeFelsko recommends the use of cleaning putty to remove dust, debris, or residual blast media from the surface.

Firmly press the putty onto the surface using your fingers, and remove.


Burnish the replica tape (create a replica)

Select the appropriate grade of replica tape based on the target profile (Coarse or X-Coarse). See tape instructions for assistance.

Pull a single adhesive-backed replica tape free of its release paper. A “bull’s eye” circle of paper should remain on the release paper (it is not used for measurement).

Apply replica tape to blasted surface. Press the adhesive-backed ends of the paper to hold it firmly in place during the burnishing process.

Firmly compress replica film using the rounded end of the included stainless steel burnishing tool. Apply sufficient pressure in a circular and x-y rubbing motion to produce a replica with a uniform pebble grain appearance. It normally takes 30 to 60 seconds to fully compress all parts of the film on most surfaces. In general, too much compression is safer than too little.

After burnishing is complete, remove the replica tape from the surface.

Prepare the PosiTector RTR

Clean the measurement surfaces (anvils) using the included cleaning card. Swipe the card through the opening a few times while firmly pressing both probe buttons to remove dust particles and residual tape adhesive.

Power-up the PosiTector RTR by pressing the center navigation button. An image appears indicating that the probe requires zeroing.

Simultaneously press and hold both probe buttons firmly until the Gage beeps and the arrows point outward. Do not place anything in the measurement opening during this procedure.

Measure the included peak height check shim to verify accuracy.

Ensure the correct grade of replica tape, C or XC, is displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD.


Insert the burnished replica tape into the measurement opening. Ensure the tape is properly positioned so that the burnished region is centered within the opening in the probe with the adhesive (sticky) side down.

To position the tape, move the Testex™ Press-O-Film™ replica tape to the back of the probe and align the two dots (printed on replica tape) with arrows on both sides of the measurement opening.

If you are using older Testex™ Press-O-Film™ replica tape that does not have the printed dots, simply align by centering the tape within the measurement opening.

Once positioned, firmly press both probe buttons simultaneously and hold until the PosiTector RTR beeps and the measurement is displayed. During measurement, a constant anvil pressure is applied to the replica tape regardless of how hard the two buttons are pressed.

The PosiTector RTR automatically subtracts the 50.8 μm (2 mil) of incompressible polyester film. No further adjustments are required.


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