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The PosiTector SHD Shore Hardnesss Durometer is a handheld electronic instrument that measures the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials. It consists of a PosiTector gage body (Standard or Advanced) and probe (Shore A or Shore D).


Step 1: Select a PosiTector Body (Standard or Advanced features)

Includes ALL features as shown on Overview page plus...

  • Storage of 250 readings – stored readings can be viewed or downloaded

Includes ALL features as shown on Overview page plus...

  • Storage of 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 batches and sub-batches
  • Auto Sub-Batch – automatically create sub-batches after the required number of readings are taken
  • Live graphing of measurement data
  • Batch/Reading annotation—add notes and change batch names with onscreen QWERTY keyboard
  • WiFi technology wirelessly synchronizes with and downloads software updates
  • Data transfer via USB to a PC or via Bluetooth Wireless Technology to a mobile device, PC or printer
  • Store thickness, profile, environmental, wall thickness and hardness measurements in individual batches
  • PosiTector App - Mobile app connects PosiTector Advanced instruments to your iOS or Android smart device
    • Auto-pairing Bluetooth BLE connection
    • Easily create custom reports from your measurement data in seconds
    • Export readings to PosiSoft Desktop or synchronize readings with for further reporting and archival options

Compare Standard and Advanced: PosiTector Body Comparison Chart



Step 2: Select a Probe (Shore A or Shore D) 

Two models are available for different hardness ranges - Shore A and Shore D


Probe Shore A Shore D
 Typical Applications Soft to hard materials such as soft rubber, elastomers, neoprene, silicone, etc. Medium to extra hard materials such as hard rubber, epoxies, hard plastics, PVC, acrylic, etc.
 Measurement Range 0 - 100
 Accuracy + 1
 Resolution 0.1
 Probe Dimensions

PosiTector SHD probes are compatible with PosiTector Advanced (serial numbers 730,000+) and PosiTector Standard gage bodies with a color display. A simple gage update may be required.


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