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The PosiTector DPM consists of a PosiTector body and probe.


Step 1: Select a PosiTector body

Includes ALL features as shown on Overview page plus...

  • Storage of 2,500 datasets
  • Auto Log Mode automatically records environmental parameters at user selected time intervals. Runs unattended on batteries for up to 50 hours or continuously via USB

Includes ALL features as shown on Overview page plus...

  • Storage of 100,000 datasets in up to 1,000 batches
  • NEW Enhanced Auto Log mode turns the gage off between readings for up to 8 months of battery life. Each reading can be uploaded to or an FTP server using WiFi. Automatically group readings into batches at daily, weekly, or monthly interval
  • See our Remote Monitoring technical note to learn more.

  • User defined limits for all parameters—visible and audible warnings
    NEW Send email alerts when connected to WiFi
  • Onscreen Batch Annotation - add notes, change batch names and more with built-in QWERTY keyboard
  • Store thickness, profile, environmental, hardness, salt contamination and wall thickness measurements in individual batches
  • Wet bulb temperature can be displayed and recorded
  • Trend charts graph readings in real-time
  • WiFi technology wirelessly synchronizes with, downloads software updates and more
  • Technology for data transfer to a mobile device running the PosiTector App or optional portable printer
  • PosiTector App - Mobile app connects PosiTector Advanced instruments to your iOS or Android smart device
    • Auto-pairing Bluetooth BLE connection
    • Easily create custom reports from your measurement data in seconds
    • Add images to readings or batches
    • Export readings to PosiSoft Desktop or synchronize readings with for further reporting and archival options

  • Wirelessly connect PosiTector DPM and DPMS probes to your iOS or Android smart device
  • Turns your cell phone or tablet into a virtual PosiTector gage
  • Create and share professional PDF reports quickly and easily
  • Includes free mobile app

   Learn more



Step 2: Select from 4 PosiTector DPM probes

Integral Probe (DPM)

  • Includes built-in air temperature/humidity sensor and thermocouple surface temperature sensor



Integral Probe with Cabled Surface Temperature Sensor (DPMS)

  • Includes built-in air temperature/humidity sensor and K-type connector
  • Magnetic surface temperature sensor with armored cable and locking device to prevent accidental disconnection from the instrument during unattended operation
  • Includes magnetic tab to attach the PosiTector body onto steel structures
  • Easily converts to accept other optional K-type thermocouple sensors including (a) hand-held surface temperature sensor, (b) self-adhering surface temperature sensor and (c) liquid temperature sensor. See Accessories


Integral Probe with Wind Speed Sensor (DPMA)

  • Includes the ambient temperature, surface temperature, and humidity sensors from PosiTector DPM Integral Probe plus a hot wire anemometer
  • Anemometer mode measures air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed
  • Auto-rotating display for inverted use
  • Wind Speed Range: 0-20 m/s, 0-44 mph, 0-65 ft/s, 0-3900 ft/m, 0-72 km/h, 0-38 knots
  • Wind Speed Accuracy: ± 3% Full Scale
Anemometer mode shown
includes wind speed (v)


Cabled Probe with 1/2" NPT Threads (DPMD)

  • Measures dew point, relative humidity and air temperature (shown)
  • Sintered aluminum housing protects sensors
  • ½” NPT threads for insertion into tanks and pipes (max 200 psi/ 1.3 MPa)






Probe Comparison Chart
Probe Style DPM




Order Code Order Code Order Code Order Code
Surface Temperature  
Air Temperature
Wet Bulb Temperature*

Relative Humidity

Dew Point Temperature
Surface Temperature minus
Dew Point Temperature
Wind Speed      

*Wet Bulb Temperature displayed/recorded on PosiTector Advanced (3) models only 


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