Remote Monitoring of Environmental Conditions

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The PosiTector DPM is the ideal tool for measuring environmental parameters on the job site, paint shop, or manufacturing floor. In addition to its capability as a handheld instrument, the innovative Auto Log feature can also be used to:

  • Monitor and record climatic conditions over time
  • Upload readings to the cloud-based PosiSoft.net website after each measurement*
  • Send email alerts when readings exceed pre-defined parameters*
  • Upload readings to an FTP server, for integration with third party software*
  • *requires an internet connection

For example, use the PosiTector DPM’s Auto Log mode and remote monitoring capability to:

  • View the environmental readings from multiple PosiTector DPM’s in different areas of a jobsite or manufacturing facility, from any internet browser using the cloud based PosiSoft.net website. View readings from across the site or around the world!
  • Use the readings from a PosiTector DPM to control your process,
  • Place the PosiTector DPM in critical areas and receive email alerts when conditions exceed specifications
  • And more!


How to Enable Remote Monitoring

Configuring remote monitoring on the PosiTector DPM is quick and easy, and requires three simple steps:

  • Connect the PosiTector DPM Advanced to a WiFi network
  • Configure your choice of remote monitoring features:
  • Synchronizing logged measurements to PosiSoft.net
  • Transferring logged measurements to an FTP server
  • Send email alarm notifications when logged conditions are outside user-defined parameters

Step 1: Connect the PosiTector Advanced to a WiFi network

Step 2: Enable Auto Log

The Auto Log feature automatically records data sets into memory at user selected intervals, which is useful for unattended and remote monitoring.  Enabling it will automatically turn the gage memory on and create a new batch.  The Auto Log feature also has the capability to create new batches at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, to better organize measurements.

The PosiTector DPM will continue to take readings at the user selected interval until it is powered down, or battery power is diminished. The Advanced gage body will take approximately 8,000 readings running solely on battery power. Alternatively, the included USB cable may be connected to an AC power adapter to provide continuous power to the gage. USB AC Power Kits are also available for purchase.

Note: The gage will delete the oldest stored batch if insufficient memory is available for the creation/storage of a new batch.


Step 3a: Synchronizing logged measurements to PosiSoft.net

When a WiFi connection is available, PosiTector Advanced models can synchronize environmental parameters directly to PosiSoft.net.

PosiSoft.net is a web-based application offering secure centralized management of PosiTector readings allowing synchronization of measurement data from your instrument and access to it from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about PosiSoft.net


Step 3b: FTP Setup (Optional) - Transferring Measurements to an FTP Site

The PosiTector Advanced is capable of sending readings directly to a user-specified FTP site. The data is sent in comma-delimited text files (one file per reading), which can be parsed for embedding in a web page or imported into a database. Ideal for use with custom developed software.

PosiTector Setup:

Step 3c: Setting up email alarm notifications

The PosiTector DPM has the ability to notify the user when one or more of the environmental conditions falls out of the user-specified tolerances. The gage will send an email to the user when an alarm condition is triggered.

Note:  Email notification requires a WiFi internet connection. It does not require the Auto Log to be enabled as it works independently. 

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