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PosiTest AIR Test Solution


Every PosiTest AIR comes complete with (4) bottles of Test Solution. Additional bottles are available in cases of (16) 8 oz. bottles.

  • Each bottle includes application dauber
  • Operating temperature: 14° to 149° F  (-10° to 65° C)

The PosiTest Air Test Solution has been specially formulated not to have any adverse effects on waterproofing, roofing, air barrier membranes or the PosiTest AIR tester. Do not use on spun polyolefin building wrap.

Can dish soap or other soapy liquids be used instead of the included Test Solution?

DeFelsko recommends the use of PosiTest AIR Solutions only. Dish soap and other common soapy liquids don't have the necessary viscosity and formulation to reliably create visible bubbles when encountering the types of air leaks that the instrument is designed to detect. Using such non-specified liquids may result in building envelope air leaks being missed. They also don't comply with the ASTM E1186 standard as they will form bubbles when applied to the area being measured.

Extensive research and development went into the formulation of our PosiTest AIR Test Solution. This proprietary high viscosity formulation ensures...

  • air bubbles properly form and are visible when an air leak is present – leaks don't get missed!
  • air bubbles don't form when solution is applied to test area (in compliance with ASTM E1186)
  • optimal results when measuring on vertical surfaces – test solution doesn't flow away from the test area
  • proper test solution performance in cold environments down to -10° C/14° F (low temperature solution available for measuring down to -20° C/-4° F)
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8 oz. Test Solution for PosiTest AIR (case of 16)


8 oz. Low Temp. Solution for PosiTest AIR (case of 16)

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