A Smart New Way to Measure

  • PosiTector SmartLink and free mobile app turns your cell phone or tablet into a virtual PosiTector gage
  • Intuitive easy-to-use touch screen operation
  • Every reading is instantly transmitted to your smart device
  • Tri-color LED provides immediate feedback in dark and noisy environments
  • Accepts coating thickness, environmental and surface profile probes
  • Lightweight and compact design—uses one AAA battery

Unprecedented Mobile Integration

  • Auto-pairing Bluetooth Low Energy connection works up to 10m away (30 feet)
  • Create and save professional PDF reports quickly and easily
  • Add images to individual readings or batches using the camera or area within an image (iOS only)
  • Annotate images using drawing tools—ideal for identifying a specific location or area within an image
  • Rename batches and add notes using the keyboard or microphone
  • Real time graphing and statistical analysis with the swipe of a finger
PosiTector SmartLink integrates with your smart devices

Seamless Online Integration with an Internet Connection

  • AutoSync mode instantly backs up every reading to the cloud—No account required!
  • Restore data from the cloud to any smart device—add readings, notes and images
  • Live synchronization with your PosiSoft.net account 
  • Share professional PDF reports and CSV data instantly via email, Dropbox, AirPrint™ or other applications on your device

SmartLink comes complete with free PosiTector App, AAA battery, protective rubber holster, belt clip, wrist strap, instruction, two (2) year warranty. Probes purchased separately.

Compatible Probes

PosiTector 6000 Probe
PosiTector 6000
Measures coating thickness on all metal substrates
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*Accepts all PosiTector 6000 probes except the FNDS and FJS
PosiTector SPG Probe
PosiTector SPG
Measures peak-to-valley height on flat, blasted steel
Learn More
*Only accepts PosiTector SPG and SPGS
PosiTector RTR Probe
PosiTector RTR
Measures peak-to-valley height on flat and curved surfaces
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*Only accepts PosiTector RTR-H.
PosiTector DPM Probe
PosiTector DPM
Measures and records climatic conditions
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*Only accepts PosiTector DPM and DPMS probes


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PosiTector SmartLink
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How to Create Inspection Reports from the Field with the PosiTector SmartLink

Get the App

The PosiTector App is available for Apple iOS and Android smart devices.

Take full advantage of the simplicity and utility of your smart device including touch screen, keyboard, microphone, camera, email, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, dictation tools, and more.

Apple iOS

available on the Apple App storeApp Store QR code
Scan to download or visit the Apple App Store.
Requirements: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS 12.0 or later


available on the Google Play storePlay Store QR code
Scan to download or visit the Google Play Store.
Requirements: Android device with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support running 7.0 Nougat or later



What is the PosiTector SmartLink?

The PosiTector SmartLink is a small piece of hardware that physically connects to new and existing PosiTector probes and wirelessly connects to a free PosiTector app, turning it into a virtual PosiTector gage.


Which probes are compatible with the PosiTector SmartLink?

The PosiTector SmartLink accepts most PosiTector 6000, RTR‐H, SPG and DPM probes manufactured after January 2006. The PosiTector SmartLink is not currently compatible with the PosiTector 200, PC, UTG, SST or SHD probes.


Is the PosiTector SmartLink complicated to set‐up and to operate?

No. The PosiTector App is simple and intuitive. Existing PosiTector customers will immediately recognize the user interface and menu structure. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…     

Step 1: Download the free PosiTector App

Step 2: Connect a PosiTector probe to the PosiTector SmartLink and power‐up

Step 3: Open the PosiTector App, connect, and start measuring.


Can I share readings from the PosiTector App?

Yes. Probe measurement results are stored on the smart device. When connected to the internet, they can be automatically backed up to PosiSoft.net, or synced manually. Professional PDF reports and CSV data can be shared instantly via email, AirPrint, Dropbox, Evernote and other applications on your smart device.


Does the PosiTector SmartLink require an internet connection to operate?

No. The core functionality of the product works without an internet connection. With auto‐pairing Bluetooth, you can...

  • Take and store measurement readings
  • Create and save professional PDF reports quickly and easily
  • Add images to individual readings or batches using the smart device’s camera or image library
  • Rename batches and add notes using the keyboard or microphone
  • View real time graphing and statistical analysis with the swipe of a finger

If an internet connection IS available, you can also...

  • Share, backup, synchronize and report measurement data via email, apps and the cloud
  • Synchronize with your PosiSoft.net account
  • Share professional PDF reports and CSV data instantly via email, AirPrint™, Dropbox or other applications on your device.

Can PosiTector SmartLink measurements be downloaded to PosiSoft 3.0 Desktop?

No. The PosiTector SmartLink app has built‐in reporting with a variety of export options and full support for PosiSoft.net.


What is the warranty for the PosiTector SmartLink?

The PosiTector SmartLink, like most of our instruments and probes, features a full two year warranty.


Do your instruments require any formal training for use? Do you offer ‘demo’ models?

No. Our instruments are designed for simple operation, feature easy-to-use menus, instruction manuals, and helpful videos. In lieu of demonstration models, we provide unlimited technical support via telephone and/or email, and a limited 30-day money back guarantee.


Certified Thickness StandardsCertified Thickness Standards

Verify accuracy/operation of coating thickness gages. Important component of fulfilling both ISO/QS-9000 and in-house quality control requirements with a measurement accuracy traceable to NIST or PTB.

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Certified Plastic ShimsCertified Plastic Shims

Economical alternative to Coated Metal Plates, with a reduced accuracy. Ideal for protecting the PosiTector probe tip.

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Surface Profile StandardsSurface Profile Standards

Used to verify the accuracy and operation of surface profile depth micrometers

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Non-Certified Plastic ShimsNon-Certified Plastic Shims

Provide a quick operational check of the instrument by allowing the user to perform practice measurements

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