Replacement Battery

Replacement Li-ion battery with built-in charge state indicator.

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Replacement Li-ion Battery for PosiTest HHD

For use with the

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Rolling Spring ElectrodesRolling Spring Electrodes

Steel pipe electrodes — assorted sizes available: 10 to 60 cm (4 – 24”) Rolling springs include two pre-installed spring couplers.

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Flat Wire Brush ElectrodesFlat Wire Brush Electrodes

Stainless steel — assorted sizes available: 5 to 120 cm (2 – 48”)

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Replacement Fan Brush ElectrodeReplacement Fan Brush Electrode

Stainless steel — 5 cm (2”)

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Handheld WandHandheld Wand

Converts the PosiTest HHD to a wand-type instrument

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Electrode RodsElectrode Rods

Choose between 13 cm (5") and 50 cm (20") rods

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Electrode AdaptorsElectrode Adaptors

Connect to spring and brush electrodes from other manufacturers

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PosiTest HHD VerifierPosiTest HHD Verifier

Standalone voltmeter (crest meter, jeep meter) for verifying the accuracy and operation of ALL pulse type and DC holiday detectors

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Spring CouplersSpring Couplers

Thread onto rolling springs and attach to the Spring Connector

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Spring ConnectorSpring Connector

Connect the PosiTest HHD to DeFelsko or SPY rolling spring electrodes

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Conductive Rubber PaddleConductive Rubber Paddle

102mm/4" Conductive Rubber Paddle for PosiTest HHD

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Replacement BatteryReplacement Battery

Replacement Li-ion battery for the PosiTest HHD

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