PosiSoft Desktop

PosiSoft Desktop

Powerful desktop software for downloading, archiving, and reporting measurement data. No internet connection required.

PosiSoft Desktop stores measurement data on your PC/Mac for viewing, sharing, analyzing and reporting.

Recommended Requirements:
  • Windows 10/11 or macOS 10.15 or greater
  • Compatible with all current PosiTector instruments as well as PosiTest AT and PosiTest PC
NOTE: Users with older generation PosiTector instruments (S/N less than 700,000—sold prior to 2011), download the Legacy Desktop Software.
PosiSoft Desktop screenshot



  • Import readings directly from the gage via USB, WiFi, or from legacy PosiSoft Desktop version
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Built-in report templates for instant, professional reporting. Report preview automatically refreshes as changes are made.
  • NEW Search stored batches for probe type, batch name, or batch note
  • Download the software (with included sample measurement data) and get started immediately


  • Export readings as .csv (comma separated value) files for easy import into Excel and other spreadsheets
  • Import PDF documents as batches—ideal for including measurement data from unsupported or non-digital instruments in reports
  • Prompted Batch Mode—create pre-defined batches with onscreen text and image prompts for each reading and upload to PosiTector 6000, 200, and UTG gages (Advanced models only)
  • Custom Fields mode—import PDF forms and overlay drag-and-drop fields to automatically populate inspection data
  • Multi-language support—English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Korean


  • Jobs feature consolidates batches into groups to keep measurement data organized and to quickly create multi-batch reports
  • Fully integrates with PosiSoft.net—backup and synchronize jobs, batches, readings and report templates to the cloud and synchronize across multiple computers
  • HiLo mode compares measurements against user-specified limits (PosiTector 6000, SPG, and UTG models only). HiLo parameters are identified on generated reports.
  • Convenient graphs for quickly spotting trends and cycles
  • PosiTector DPM environmental monitor feature allows continuous monitoring of one or more dew point meters in centralized location
PosiSoft DPM Monitor screenshot
The PosiSoft DPM Monitor charts environmental readings from PosiTector DPM instruments. When Auto Log mode is active and the PosiTector DPM is connected to PosiSoft.net , live environmental data is graphed.

Prompted Batch Mode

Create pre-defined batches with onscreen text and image prompts for each reading and upload to PosiTector 6000, 200, and UTG gages (Advanced models only).
Image of a PosiSoft Desktop Prompted Batch window and PosiTector 6000
  • Ideal for ensuring a consistent measurement pattern for repetitive jobs or when specific measurement locations are require


Secure storage of measurement data in the cloud.

Compatible with PosiSoft Desktop and PosiTector App

  • Upload measurement data directly from WiFi-connected PosiTector Advanced gages from anywhere in the world—no software required
  • Synchronize and share measurement data across multiple computers
  • Login from PosiSoft Desktop to synchronize all measurement data and stored report templates from your account

PosiSoft.net Web Viewer—Review measurement data and print simple, pre-formatted reports from any web browser—no software installation required.

Professional, Custom PDF Reports

  • Compile single or multi-batch reports from multiple probes and instrument types
  • Add pictures, screen captures, notes, and more with an onscreen live preview
  • Instantly create professional reports from pre-formatted report templates
  • Design custom layouts and templates—add custom cover pages and logos, and choose to display charts, histograms, and/or individual readings
  • NEW 2 column compact report template reports typical batches on a single page
  • Drag and Drop Custom Fields mode—import PDF forms and overlay fields to automatically populate inspection data
generate custom PDF reports

Prompted Batch Mode

PosiTector 6000, PosiTector 200, and PosiTector UTG gages feature a Prompted Batch Mode to simplify inspections. Create pre-defined batches in PosiSoft Desktop with onscreen text and image prompts for each reading, then upload to PosiTector 6000, PosiTector 200, PosiTector UTG gages (Advanced models, serial numbers 784000 only).

  • Ideal for ensuring a consistent measurement pattern for repetitive jobs or when specific measurement locations are required
  • Create and store multiple templates for different jobs

To start using Prompted Batch Mode, download the latest version of PosiSoft Desktop from our website. A simple gage update adds this functionality to existing PosiTector 6000, PosiTector 200, and PosiTector UTG Advanced models (serial numbers 784000 and greater).

Using Prompted Batch Mode is easy. Simply create, upload, and measure.

Screenshot from PosiSoft Desktop of 'creating' a Prompted Batch
Screenshot from PosiSoft Desktop of Export menu dropdown, "Prompted Batch Template to Gage" is selected with cursor

Custom Fields

Add labels, notes, checkboxes, probe information, measurement data, and more to create fully customizable reports. Alternatively, overlay custom fields on existing PDF inspection forms to automatically populate text and measurement data.

Watch the video for an overview of the benefits of custom fields, and to learn how to add custom fields into an existing PDF inspection report.

  • Import your existing PDF forms to serve as a background and overlay Custom Fields to automatically populate data
  • Create custom report sections with labels, notes, checkboxes, probe information, measurement data and more
  • Create reports containing data from multiple batches or instruments types with a customized cover or summary section
  • Create, save, and share multiple custom report templates

Integration with PosiSoft.net

PosiSoft Desktop seamlessly integrats with web-based PosiSoft.net
Jobs, batches, readings, and report templates uploaded to PosiSoft.net via WiFi or USB will be downloaded automatically to PosiSoft Desktop.

A gage can be registered to multiple instances of PosiSoft Desktop - a simple way to share measurement data with colleagues and clients.

Legacy Desktop Software

PosiSoft 3.0

Legacy desktop application (PC/Mac) for downloading, viewing, printing and storing measurement data from DeFelsko inspection instruments.

PosiSoft 3.0 offers customizable reporting tools which allows you to add pictures and screen captures, notes and annotations, add or remove sections (drag and drop), change headings, and more. Save your custom layouts as templates for future use.

Note: This software has been superseded by PosiSoft Desktop v4 which is compatible with all current PosiTector SPG/DPM/6000/200/UTG and PosiTest AT-A instruments.

Click here to download PosiSoft 3.0 for Windows and Mac:

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Download for

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Download for

screenshot of PosiSoft 3.0 legacy software
PosiSoft 3.0 compatibility

PosiSoft 2.0

Gage not listed above?

Legacy PosiSoft 2.0 is available for older generation models not listed above.

PosiSoft 2.0 available for Windows only:
windows icon

Download for

PosiSoft 2.0 screenshot
Note: PosiSoft Desktop v4, 3.0 and 2.0 are designed to co-exist on your Windows based systems. This is ideal for users having various generations of instruments. PosiSoft 2.0 is not available for Mac.