PosiTector RTR 3D
Surface data File (SDF) & 3D Surface Mapping

PosiTector RTR-3D Advanced models can save up to 10 high resolution SDF surface data files. These files can be imported and analyzed in to our PosiSoft Desktop Software or third-party image rendering/analysis software such a Gwyddion (free Open Source), TrueMap or MountainsMap. The result is a 3D map of the surface at a cost far less than interferometric or confocal profiling devices.
Image of PosiTector RTR 3D with a 3D generated map both on screen and larger next to it

SDF Specifications

Range: 125 µm

Field of view: 4x4mm

Image size: 1024x1024x12bit

Lateral sampling interval: 3.8µm

Image of software capabilities example

3D Rendering Examples

(derived from PosiTector RTR P3 Advanced using Gwyddion Software)

Image of 3D rendering example using G50 GritImage of 3D rendering example using GarnetImage of 3D rendering example using 320/Grit 40 BlendImage of 3D rendering example using Bristle BlasterImages showing examples of Machine Surfaces


(derived from PosiTector RTR 3D)

PosiSoft Desktop

Image of a PosiSoft Desktop screen capture displaying a PosiTector RTR 3D Surface Data File

Gwyddion Software

Image examples of Profile Knurled Rod

MountainsMap Software Examples

MountainsMap generated reports

Example 1: Steel Shot S280

Example 2: Machined Surface (FLEXBAR Composite Pocket Set No. 16008, Vertical Milling: Ra = 6.3 μm)