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Coating Thickness Instruments Overview

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PosiPen, PosiTest and PosiTector coating thickness gages from DeFelsko – The Measure of Quality.

Thickness is arguably the single most important measurement made during application and inspection of coatings.  A coating that is too thin may fail prematurely, may show bare substrate through the coating or may not have the performance properties required of the finished film.  A coating that is too thick can crack, may not have correct color or gloss or may just be a waste of paint.  A reliable coating thickness gage is therefore one of the most important instruments in an inspectors tool kit.

For over 50 years DeFelsko has proudly manufactured simple, durable and accurate coating thickness instruments in the USA.

The PosiPen and PosiTest are mechanical pull off type 1 instruments that measure over steel substrates.  They are simple to use and require no electronics or batteries.  They are a rugged low cost alternative in situations where quality goals require only a few readings.

Simply place the instrument on the surface and apply force on the spring loaded magnetic until it pulls off.  The instrument converts the force required to pull the magnet from the surface into a calibrated thickness reading.

The PosiTector 6000 is DeFelsko’s most popular and advanced solution for measuring coating thickness.  With over 25 probe models and advanced functionality like memory, statistics, scanning and powerful recording software.  There is a solution for almost any application.

To learn more about the PosiTector 6000 family view our PosiTector 6000 overview video.

The PosiTest DFT features the same probe technology as the PosiTector 6000 in a simple economical format.  It’s ideal for users who want to measure coating thickness up to 1 millimeter or 40 mils on metal substrates and don’t need the memory, software or probe interchangeability of the PosiTector platform.

The PosiTector 200 is uniquely able to measure the thickness of up to 3 individual layers of coatings on non-metallic substrates such as wood, plastic and concrete.  Its use of ultrasound for dry film thickness measurement was pioneered by DeFelsko over 25 years ago and it remains the industry standard for coating thickness measurement over non-metals.

The PosiTector PC [now the PosiTest PC] measures uncured powder and predicts the cured thickness without contacting the powder.

The PosiTector 6000, 200 and PC probes connect to the award winning PosiTector platform allowing a single gage body to accept environmental, coating thickness, surface profile, dew point, shore hardness, wall thickness and soluble salt probes.  They are an ideal addition to a PosiTector Inspection Kit.

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