PosiTector Developer Resources

Integrating your Instrument with Third-party Devices and Applications

From wired USB to WiFi wireless technology, DeFelsko instruments offer data management solutions for even the most advanced software integrations. Accessing your stored or live streaming data is simpler and more flexible than ever before.

Most commonly, measurements from PosiTector and PosiTest AT-A instruments are stored within internal memory and later transferred to a PosiSoft Software solution (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) for further reporting. DeFelsko instruments also have the ability to integrate with third-party software, drones, ROVs, PLCs, and robotic devices using several industry-standard communication protocols.

*Wireless communications can be deactivated or reactivated by DeFelsko for an additional fee.

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Keyboard Mode

bluetooth iconbluetooth icon
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PosiTector Advanced instruments feature USB Keyboard mode (S/N 784000+) and Bluetooth Keyboard mode (S/N 864000+)

Both modes communicate with your computer by emulating keyboard keystrokes.  When connected in this mode, PosiTector Advanced instruments will be recognized as a simple USB or Bluetooth keyboard. Each reading is ‘typed’, followed by a carriage return (enter). This provides a simple way to capture readings as they are taken without any special software, drivers or complex setup. Users can decide between reliability of the wired USB Keyboard mode and freedom of Bluetooth wireless connection.

In the spreadsheet example, the user selected cell C4.  Then, 7 readings were taken with a USB connected PosiTector 6000 Advanced in USB Keyboard mode.  Each reading automatically populates into its own cell and is followed by a carriage return (equivalent to the enter button on the keyboard).

Image of two screenshots of an Excel document. One screenshot is a blank document while the other has multiple readings listed in a columns, showing how the PosiTector gage body can be used as a keyboard

These modes are ideal for use with your own quality control reports or pre-formatted spreadsheets. It can also be used to interface with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) used for industrial automation.

For more info see Setup: Keyboard Mode.

WiFi Streaming

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Built into the PosiTector Advanced gage (S/N greater than 730000 with the latest update, see Updates) is the ability to stream readings over WiFi. If WiFi Streaming is enabled in the WiFi menu, the gage will send a GET request to specified URL for each reading. The URL can contain tags which are replaced by the PosiTector with values corresponding to the reading. This solution turns the PosiTector gage body into an Internet of Things device and is ideal for users with an existing WiFi network and a desire to stream live readings to a central application or database.

How to use WiFi Streaming

  1. Connect the PosiTector to a WiFi network
  2. Navigate to http://<positector ip address="">:8080/stream_url.php on a device connected to the same network. Replace <positector ip address=""> with the IP of the PosiTector found in the Connect menu. This page contains a text area where a URL can be entered as well as instructions on how to format the URL and what optional tags are available.
  3. As readings are taken the gage will send GET requests to the URL entered.


Example of Entered URL:


Example of Requested URL for a DPM measurement with a Ta of 23.0 degrees, Ts of 24.0 degrees and RH of 50.5% - this is the request made by the gage:


Example of Requested URL for a 6000 measurement with a Thickness of 25 mils - this is the request made by the gage:


Below is an example of a PHP script that takes in Thickness or Environmental readings and logs them out to a nicely formatted text file.

Show PHP script

Bluetooth Low Energy

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PosiTector Advanced (serial numbers 784000 and greater) and PosiTest AT-A instruments (with a color display) feature Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology. Stored measurement data can be transferred to an Apple iOS or Android device using our free PosiTector App. Professional PDF reports can be generated quickly and easily within the App.

Alternatively, DeFelsko has created an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers of iOS, Android, or Windows applications who wish to retrieve measurement data directly from PosiTector instruments. Complete the form below for more information.

Bluetooth Low Energy Sample Projects

Using the included projects developers can learn how to use BLE to interact with PosiTector SmartLink and the PosiTector Advanced gage. (S/N greater than 784000 with the latest update, see Updates).

Samples are provided for Android Studio, Microsoft UWP, and Apple Xcode for iOS. Each sample consists of two screens, one to display available devices and one to connect and display readings.

  • Android 4.4+
  • iOS9.0+ (objective-C)
  • Microsoft Windows UWP
To request a downloadable zip file with PDF containing sample projects, click here then fill out the form below.

USB Serial Streaming

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PosiTector Advanced (serial numbers 784000 and greater) and PosiTest AT-A instruments (with a color display) allow live streaming of measurement values to a USB connected computer.

Any software that accepts data via a serial interface can be configured to accept the PosiTector data stream.

The PosiTector creates a virtual ‘serial’ port, a protocol commonly used by applications to communicate with external tools and devices. PosiTector measurements can be captured as they are taken in real-time, including metadata such as the units and measurement type.

Any serial-compatible software can be configured to accept the PosiTector data stream. Proficient (by InfinityQS) and WinSPC (by DataNet systems) are two popular statistical process control (SPC) software options.

Screenshots from Proficient and WinSPC programs side by side

This solution is ideal for users who want the reliability and simplicity of a wired connection.

For information on setting up USB Serial Streaming mode see Setup: USB Serial Streaming Mode.

FTP Auto Log

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The Auto Log feature is available for PosiTector DPM probes only when connected to PosiTector Advanced gage bodies. In Auto Log, the gage automatically records data sets into memory at user selected intervals, which is useful for unattended or remote monitoring. With a WiFi connection, the PosiTector Advanced (S/N 784000 or greater) is capable of sending readings directly to a user-specified FTP server. The data is sent in comma-delimited text files (one file per reading), which can be parsed for embedding in a web page or imported into a database.

For more information see Remote Monitoring of Environmental Conditions.

WiFi Server Mode

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WiFi wireless technology is included with all PosiTector Advanced models with serial numbers greater than 730000 and PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Testers with touchscreen display.

Any device connected on the same WiFi network can wirelessly access the gage's stored measurement data to:

  • View stored measurements using a standard web browser
  • Access HTML, comma delimited text (.txt) and JSON schema files - parse information for inclusion in databases or custom software applications
  • Remotely control gage memory features such as creating a new batch, closing a batch and deleting all measurement data
  • Remotely view the live display of a working instrument - see the gage display as if it were in your hand

This solution is ideal for users who want to store readings in the PosiTector gage body to be transferred to another device at a later date.

For more information on setting up WiFi mode see Setup: WiFi Server Mode.