Positector app

PosiTector App

The PosiTector App connects PosiTector Advanced gages*, the PosiTector SmartLink, and PosiTest AT-A automatic adhesion testers* to your smart device.

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*PosiTest AT-A touchscreen models and PosiTector Advanced gage bodies with serial numbers greater than 784,000 are compatible with the PosiTector app.
Image of PosiTector gage body held in hand in front of a smart phone and tablet, both with the PosiTector App on them


Take full advantage of your smart device's features

Including touch screen, keyboard, camera, email, WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, dictation tools, and more
  • Auto-pairing Bluetooth BLE connection
  • Create and share professional PDF reports quickly and easily
  • Add images to readings or batches
  • Annotate images using drawing tools
  • Rename batches and add notes using the keyboard or microphone
  • Export measurement data for use in PosiSoft Desktop (PC/Mac)
  • View our detailed Help File to see how the PosiTector App works
Generate custom PDF reports

Professional, Custom Reports

  • Compile single or multi-batch reports from multiple probes and instrument types
  • Add pictures, screen captures, notes, and more
  • Email pre-formatted or custom reports from your device instantly

Seamless Online Integration

With an Internet connection, share, backup, synchronize and report measurement data via email, apps and the cloud

Export measurement data to PosiSoft Desktop or synchronize to our PosiSoft.net web-based solution.