PosiTest PC Updates

Image of keypad and display from PosiTest PC

Locating your PosiTest PC's current software revisions

With the PosiTest PC powered off, press and hold the Checkmark button. The revision information will appear...

See Software Revision Notes for current revision and release information.

Update Instructions

To perform an update the instrument must be connected via USB to an internet connected PC/Mac with PosiSoft Desktop installed.

Step 1:
Ensure PosiSoft Desktop (version 4.4.0 or greater) is installed and running on your computer. If you have not installed PosiSoft Desktop, it can be downloaded here.
Step 2:
Connect your PosiTest PC to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
Step 3:
If an update is available, the Update Gage button will be active within the upper left of PosiSoft Desktop window. If no update is available, the Update Gage button will be inactive. Select Update Gage.

Note: Any stored readings in the PosiTest PC memory will be downloaded to PosiSoft Desktop prior to updating.

Upon completion of the update, the gage will Reset and ALL stored readings in memory will be erased. PosiSoft Desktop will retain all downloaded readings.

Software Revision Notes

Release Date
Release Notes
- Miscellaneous updates and fixes
- Fixed issue with 1pt and 2pt Adjustment