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PosiTector SmartLink

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Video Transcript

Introducing PosiTector SmartLink and free mobile app.  This innovative new product wirelessly connects PosiTector probes to your smart device.  A smart new way to measure.

The PosiTector SmartLink is compatible with PosiTector 6000, SPG, RTR-H and DPM probes.

Let’s begin by reviewing the basic functionality of a conventional PosiTector 6000 coating thickness gage.  After power up take a measurement by placing the probe onto the coated surface.  Gage functions are menu controlled.  

Here’s how you turn on memory mode to store measurements and display statistics.  The PosiTector SmartLink physically connects to PosiTector probes.  We’ll begin with a PosiTector 6000 FN probe.  Launch the PosiTector App on your smart device.  Press continue to begin using the app.  Power up the SmartLink. The PosiTector App searches for and identifies nearby PosiTector SmartLink connected probes.  Selecting a connected probe brings up the familiar PosiTector user interface.  To take a coating thickness measurement place the probe onto the coated surface.  The result displays on the PosiTector App.  Press Menu, Memory and then New Batch to turn on memory mode.

Measurement will now be recorded while live statistics are displayed.  Swipe horizontally to view a reading summary or a live chart of stored batch measurements.  

Documenting on the go is as simple as selecting the notes icon to change the batch name to something more meaningful, and to add job related notes for each batch or for each reading.  

Add images to each reading or batch of readings from your image library or take new photos while you measure.  

With an internet connection, measurement data can be manually or automatically backed up to and restored from the cloud without having to create an account.  Should you choose you may access this data by logging into Instantly generate a customizable report containing all measurement data, notes, images and charts.  Quickly share the report via e-mail, airprint, dropbox or other applications on your device.

The PosiTector SmartLink also features industry exclusive probe interchangeability.  Disconnect the PosiTector 6000 coating thickness probe and attach a PosiTector DPM environmental probe.  Power up the SmartLink, the PosiTector DPM probe is automatically recognized and begins measuring.

More information about PosiTector SmartLink is available on our website