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PosiTest PC - Measuring Uncured Powder Coating Thickness

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Measuring Uncured Powder Coating Thickness with the all-new PosiTest PC from DeFelsko- the Measure of Quality.

Thickness is arguably the single most important variable to control during application and inspection of powder coatings. It affects nearly every quality variable, including color, gloss, surface texture, adhesion, flexibility, and more.

Most applicators measure the thickness of the powder coating after it has cured, using dry-film thickness gages such as the PosiTest DFT or the PosiTector 6000. However, waiting for the powder to cure means that costly, labor-intensive rework is required if a defect is found.

The ideal solution is to measure the powder before it has cured in the oven. ASTM D7378 describes methods including powder combs and ultrasonic instruments.

The Powder Comb consists of several ‘teeth’ offset at different heights. It is dragged across the surface, and the powder height is determined by observing the highest numbered tooth which made a mark, and the next highest tooth which left no mark.

While the Powder Comb is easy-to use and inexpensive, it requires a relatively large, flat area to measure, and will leave marks in the powder. Since the powder shrinks during curing, readings from the powder comb must be corrected using a reduction factor. Given these limitations, many applicators require a better solution.

The PosiTest PC Powder Checker uses proven ultrasound technology to accurately predict the cured powder thickness- without contacting the powder. It displays the predicted cured thickness, similar to what a dry-film thickness gage provides after the part has passed through the oven.

The redesigned PosiTest PC builds upon over a decade of experience in ultrasonic powder thickness measurement.

It's measuring speed is over three times faster, making it simpler to use while measuring on moving lines and swaying parts.

The enhanced technology also provides better measurement results on awkward geometries and diameters as small as one inch.

In addition to its improved electronics, the PosiTest PC features an ergonomic unibody design with no cables or Bluetooth required.

The new icon-based color interface makes operation easy. Best of all, it can be purchased for significantly less than the previous generation model.

Using the PosiTest PC is easy. When operated for the first time it must be zeroed using the included zero fixture. Once complete, the instrument is ready to measure.

To take a measurement, start with the tip of the instrument approximately two to three inches away from the part. Press and hold the check button and bring the tip closer to the part, ensuring it is perpendicular.

When in range, a distance paddle will appear in the target grid, showing the instrument’s distance from the part, with a horizontal line in the middle showing the target distance. The width of the paddle indicates how perpendicular the instrument is to the surface.

Once the instrument is held perpendicular at the target distance, the distance paddle will turn green and a measurement is displayed.

With the new PosiTest PC’s updated technology, any operator can quickly take uncured thickness measurements with just a few minutes of practice.

The PosiTest PC also includes advanced features to suit a variety of applications.

By default, the instrument stops measuring after a reading has been obtained. In scan mode, it keeps measuring to facilitate rapid inspection across the part.  

Built-in memory provides storage of up to 1000 readings, which can be downloaded to the included PosiSoft Desktop software for further analysis.

It also features a USB keyboard emulation mode for instantly streaming readings into custom software or PLCs used in industrial automation.

The new PosiTest PC features enhanced technology at a significantly lower price. It comes complete with everything required to start taking measurements in a convenient hard-shell case. Complete powder inspection kits are available which also include a PosiTest DFT or PosiTector 6000 dry-film thickness gage for after cure measurement.  

For over two decades, DeFelsko has been a leader in ultrasonic measurement, manufacturing simple, durable, and accurate gages. Backed by DeFelsko’s renowned quality, customer service and exceptional two-year warranty, the PosiTest PC is the ideal choice for measuring uncured powder thickness.