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How To Use Prompted Batch Mode to Simplify Inspections and Maximize Performance

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When inspecting similar parts or structures repeatedly, it is often important to take measurements in the same sequence and location each time. Whether teaching someone new, or for long days on a production floor, Prompted Batch Mode for the PosiTector 6000, 200, and UTG streamlines the inspection process.

Create and store pre-defined batches in PosiSoft Desktop with on-screen text and image prompts for each reading, then upload to an Advanced PosiTector 6000, 200, or UTG gage and follow the onscreen prompts for each reading- making it easy to ensure each measurement is in the right place, in the right order.

Using Prompted Batch Mode is easy. Simply create, upload, and measure.

Create New Prompted Batch Template

To create a new Prompted Batch Template, select New Prompted Batch Template in the PosiSoft Desktop File menu.

Enter a Template Name. Each new prompted batch created on the gage will use this name.

Select New to create the first prompted reading.

The Gage Prompt and Prompt Picture are displayed on the PosiTector screen while measuring, providing the user with information about the next measurement location. The Gage Prompt and Picture will not appear on any reports.

A Report Note is a short descriptive note that will appear on the report to document the reading location.  The Report Note will not appear on the PosiTector gage body screen.

To add a Prompt Picture, choose Browse to select a picture to associate with one or more reading locations. Multiple pictures can be used in a single Prompted Batch Template. JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are supported.

Once an image has been uploaded, click the image to identify the desired measurement location with a red circle. Use the Zoom buttons as desired. The image at the bottom of the Edit Prompted Batch Template window represents how the image will appear on the PosiTector gage body screen.

Select New to create the next prompted reading location, and repeat this process to create all prompted readings in your Template, then select Ok. The Prompted Batch Template is saved and ready for Export to an Advanced gage body.

Export a Prompted Batch Template to the Gage

To export a Prompted Batch Template to an Advanced gage body, simply select Prompted Batch Template to Gage from within the PosiSoft Desktop’s Export menu.

Edit a Prompted Batch Template

To edit a previously created Template, select Prompted Batch Template from the Edit menu. Choose the desired Batch Template to edit and select Ok.

Delete a Prompted Batch Template

To delete a Prompted Batch Template in PosiSoft, select the Delete button in the Edit Prompted Batch Template window.

To delete a Prompted Batch Template from a PosiTector gage body, select Delete Template in the Memory menu.

Open Template on PosiTector

Once exported from PosiSoft Desktop, open the template on PosiTector Advanced gage by selecting Memory then New Prompted and select from the available templates.

Each batch created using a Prompted Batch Template will contain the template name and append a number indicating the order it was created in (for example, TemplateBatch1, TemplateBatch2, etc.)

To exit Prompted Batch Mode, select Close from within the Memory menu.

Download the latest version of PosiSoft Desktop to start using Prompted Batch Mode today, A simple gage update may be necessary to add this functionality to existing PosiTector Advanced gage bodies.

Prompted Batch Mode with the PosiTector 6000, 200, and UTG is the Simple, Durable, and Accurate way of performing frequent and repetitive coating and material inspections.

Visit to download the latest version of PosiSoft Desktop to start using Prompted Batch Mode today.