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DeFelsko PosiSoft Webinar

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Video Description

PosiSoft® software webinar presented by DeFelsko's Ian Maxwell on April 20, 2021. This presentation begins with an overview of PosiSoft and includes an in-depth demonstration of the new design and features of PosiSoft Desktop.

Learn about the powerful desktop software for downloading, viewing, printing, and storing measurement data—PosiSoft—offered by DeFelsko. For use with PosiTector, PosiTest AT-A, and PosiTest OTL inspection instruments. Information on applications, features, operation, and more.

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0:00 — PosiSoft Overview. Beginning of the PowerPoint presentation

5:55 — Introduction to the new features of PosiSoft Desktop

8:28 — Introduction to the Prompted Batch Mode for the PosiTector 6000

9:48 — Introduction to

10:52 — Introduction to Web Interface

11:11 — Introduction to PosiTector Mobile App

12:24 — End of PowerPoint presentation—beginning of live demonstration

12:25 — PosiSoft USB live demonstration begins

14:27 — How to import a .CSV into Excel

16:53 — PosiSoft Desktop live demonstration begins

18:20 — How to import readings data into PosiSoft Desktop

21:23 — How to create a Job in PosiSoft Desktop

24:25 — How to edit a Job in PosiSoft Desktop

24:56 — Toolbar overview

25:49 — How to sync a PosiTector gage to

28:29 — Introduction to import and export functions

32:05 — How to use Report Templates

39:00 — How to use the Job Custom Fields Designer

49:03 — How to create a New Prompted Batch