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How to Use PosiSoft Software to Simplify Management and Reporting of Measurement Data

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DeFelsko’s PosiSoft suite of Software offers three powerful ways to view and report your PosiTector and PosiTest inspection data.

Choose from the full-featured PosiSoft Desktop software for PC or Mac, the convenient PosiTector App for iOS and Android, or the versatile PosiSoft USB, a gage-based interface that retrieves data in a manner similar to USB flash drives and cameras. Regardless of workflow, PosiSoft offers a solution for every inspector.

PosiSoft Desktop software has emerged as the most popular data management and reporting solution, whether downloading and reporting a single batch, or managing years of inspection data and creating custom multi-batch reports.

The simple and intuitive interface has been localized in multiple languages making it easy to manage inspection data anywhere in the world. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and can be downloaded for free from the website.  

To import data, connect a USB cable to a PosiTector or PosiTest instrument. PosiTector Advanced gage bodies can also transmit readings via WiFi. Once the import button is clicked, batches can be assigned to a job folder.

Job folders are an efficient way to keep batches organized and make it easy to instantly create multi-batch reports. Drag-and-drop batches between jobs or assign a batch to multiple jobs. Use the search feature to find a batch by name, probe type, or keyword in a batch note.

Double clicking a batch brings up the edit window, where the batch name, notes, picture, and other batch data can be updated. Additional functionality is available for some probes, such as the PosiTest OTL and PosiTector RTR 3D.

Click on a batch to populate the readings pane with measurement data, where individual readings can be ignored, or enhanced with images and notes.

When a batch is selected, a report is instantly generated and is updated as changes are made. Click on a job or hold the control key while selecting several batches to create a multi-batch report including a summary of all measurement data.

The default single and multi-column report templates make it easy to instantly generate professional reports. Customizing those templates is easy- click the new button next to the template and use the report configurator to customize almost every aspect of the report such as margins, font sizes, section ordering, logos, and more. Once complete, it’s easy to save or print a PDF copy of the report.

PosiSoft Desktop’s Custom Fields allows users to create fully customized reports. Easily import existing PDF forms and overlay custom fields for automatic population of measurement data into your existing inspection reports. To learn more, watch the video linked in the description below.

The cloud-based platform is fully integrated with PosiSoft Desktop. Create an account and login to synchronize all PosiSoft Desktop data to the cloud, including jobs, batches, readings, and report templates.

It serves as an ideal backup solution, and also allows multiple users to collaborate- for example, share a login across multiple inspectors and administrators to allow everyone to work from a common data repository.    

PosiTector 6000, 200, and UTG gages feature a Prompted Batch Mode to make it easy to take measurements in a consistent pattern. Create pre-defined batches in PosiSoft Desktop with onscreen text and image prompts for each reading, which can be uploaded to the gage to make quick work of repetitive tasks.

When combined with Custom Fields, powerful graphical representations of the measurement data can be generated. To learn more, watch the video linked in the description below.

The PosiTector DPM Monitor feature creates enhanced charts for in-depth analysis of environmental data. WiFi-connected PosiTector DPM Advanced gages can upload measurements as they are taken, allowing the PosiTector DPM Monitor to display a real-time chart of weather conditions.

PosiSoft Desktop is the most popular choice for most inspectors.

The PosiTector App brings many PosiSoft Desktop features to a Smartphone, making it possible to manage data and create reports from the field.

Using the latest auto-pairing Bluetooth technology, measurement data can be imported from PosiTector Advanced gages, the PosiTector SmartLink, or PosiTest AT-A automatic adhesion testers. Import readings after measurements have been taken, or import them live during the inspection.  

Take full advantage of smartphone features including keyboard, camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity to add images to individual readings or batches, write or dictate notes, email custom PDF reports, and more. The PosiTector App is also compatible with, allowing for seamless backup and synchronization with PosiSoft Desktop.

All PosiTector instruments also feature a built-in PosiSoft USB Drive which provides a simple interface to retrieve data, similar to a USB flash drive. There is no software to install or internet connection required.

View and download measurement data stored in gage memory on any computer by navigating a virtual “PosiTector” drive using the included USB cable. View readings, print pre-formatted HTML reports, and download CSV files for import into Microsoft Excel and many other compatible applications.  

Whether creating a simple report or creating a customized workflow for a team of inspectors, DeFelsko’s PosiSoft suite of Software offers a solution for any application. Visit to learn more.