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Saving Money and Time with PosiTector Probe Interchangeability

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The award winning PosiTector series of interchangeable probes allows coating applicators and inspectors to connect a PosiTector gage body to any PosiTector probe.

Save money and fit all inspection equipment into one compact case by choosing from standard or customized kits, or by starting with one probe and adding more over time.

The PosiTector gage body is available in either Standard or Advanced models. All models feature a large touchscreen display, easy-to-navigate menus, internal memory, and an IP65-rated enclosure.

Advanced models feature additional memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, onscreen graphing, and more. Visit, or watch the NEW PosiTector Gage Body video to learn more about the two PosiTector gage bodies.

The latest PosiTector gage body is backwards compatible with all PosiTector probes manufactured since 2012, quickly transforming from a coating thickness gage to a dew point meter, surface profile gage, soluble salt tester, hardness tester, gloss meter, or ultrasonic wall thickness gage.

To remove the probe, simply slide the probe to the left, following the arrows embossed on the back of each probe, and reverse the process to connect any other PosiTector Probe.

PosiTector gage bodies automatically recognize the probe and retain all previously stored settings. This includes calibration adjustments, memory, and any other settings including choice of language and measurement units. Switch between probes and start exactly where you previously left off.

A common user interface allows for a seamless user experience. There is no need to re-learn how to operate the menu functions when connecting a new probe.

PosiTector Advanced gage bodies add powerful features and connectivity options to every probe. Take advantage of the 6000’s PA2, 90/10, and 19840 modes, SmartBatch for the PosiTector SPG, the dew point meter’s Trend Charts and Live Graphing, and more when connected to an Advanced gage body.

The PosiTector gage body platform and included PosiSoft Software allows users to compile professional single or multi-batch PDF reports from one or more probes.

The PosiSoft Suite of Software accepts readings from all PosiTector probes which makes for easy viewing, analyzing, and reporting of measurement data all in one convenient location. Simply connect the gage body to download all stored readings from every probe.

Since all measurement electronics and functionality reside in the PosiTector probe, only the probe is returned for recertification. For companies with multiple probes, the gage body can be left in service, reducing downtime. There is no need to calibrate the gage body.

The award winning PosiTector series of interchangeable probes have revolutionized coating inspection, making workflow easier and improving productivity, all while saving money.

Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by sharing a common gage body amongst all of the compatible probes.

Depending on your needs, all of your requirements can be bundled into medium, large, and heavy-duty pelican cases with customized interiors, saving space and reducing the number of cases needed on the job site.

The wide variety of available probes make PosiTector Inspection Kits ideal for almost any application.

Visit for more information or contact one of our technical sales representatives for advice on the appropriate probes for your applications.